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If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that change is the only constant, especially in the digital landscape. This is why we’re so excited to share our revamped website and brand with you.

It has been very rewarding to take our new identity from a concept to a real online presence over the last few months. Now that we’re officially live, we’re thrilled to present a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration behind it all.

Shape greatness

Since opening our doors in 1982, our main goal has been to build the best-performing strength equipment in the world. To allow our clients and athletes to make the impossible happen every time they train on our equipment.

This mindset is exactly what inspired our tagline, “Shape Greatness”. Shaping greatness means embodying an athlete’s unwavering mentality.
It means grounding every effort in writing a new chapter in the history of performance. To set a precedent, to leave a mark. And why not, to create legend. It means shaping compelling stories to attract loyal brand communities. It means finely tuning our strength equipment mastery to connect with those that matter most, in ways that win them over.

This purpose powered us 40 years ago, but clarifying it now keeps us exploring the boundaries today, and for decades to come.

Reimagining our logo

After crafting our brand ethos, it was time to create our new visual identity.

We were ready to go all in. A modern aesthetic was essential to capturing the revolutionary notion behind our brand.

For the wordmark, we went with a more powerful, robust, and clean version of what you’ve seen for the past 40 years, in all caps.


We built our symbol through association with the letter A, for Atlantis, the rising arrow which represents self-improvement and the spear point, which evokes the spirit of legendary combatants.

Established and bold, the unique red and white, and black palette reflects our legacy and the colours that we have been recognized for in the past 15 years


Rebuilding our online address

Now, with a change making brand, we were eager to transform our purpose into pixels.

A new website was the perfect opportunity to showcase our expertise in what we do. From the high resolution 360 renderings to the engaging business case studies, each detail speaks to the idea of strength equipment evolution.

And yes, our new online address has some impressive bells and whistles, but its function is the most vital part.

It connects our enthusiastic team of strength equipment specialists with you—so we can get to work creating the perfect blend of equipment for you.

Let’s get reacquainted

With a new brand and website in the books, we’ve got some exciting content coming your way.

Keep an eye out for more blog posts packed with the latest strength equipment insights and trends.

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Stay strong.