General FAQ

Everything you need to know about the best-performing strength equipment in the industry.


Fill out this form and we promise you someone from our sales team will get in touch with you within the next 24 to 48 business hours.

To ensure you receive the quality service you deserve, we select Atlantis authorized dealers, installers and servicers whom we believe share our vision of quality and service.

We provide the training to our Authorized Dealers, Installers and Servicer providers for proper installation and maintenance.

The prices for each of our pieces of equipment differ from one country to the other. Contact your local authorized dealer for more information or get in touch with our sales team right now.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

Yes, this allows us to create the perfect piece of equipment for you by customizing it with the colours and logos of your choice.

We are unable to provide you with accurate information as shipping costs largely depend on the size of the order and the distance it has to travel to arrive to its final destination. Shipping estimates are provided with your quote and finalized when you order.

Customers have their choice from many uphholstery colours and seven standard frame colours. Additional customized frame colours, as well as logos on the upholstery are also available.

Send us an email at along with your equipment serial number and pictures of the pieces you need a replacement for.

Product documentation is available right here. In this section you will find various guides along with safety documentation.

To register your product, please visit the Register your product section of the website.

It is always best to contact the Atlantis authorized dealer from which you purchased your equipment. If your dealer cannot help you, or if you purchased directly from us, please send us an email ( so our technicians can recommend an Atlantis authorized service provider in your general area. Please have the serial number of the unit available sent along with pictures when contacting us.

Atlantis serial numbers are generally found at the base of the unit and consist of a series of 6 numbers on a silver label.

Product documentation is available right here. In this section you will find various guides along with our warranty statement.