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Strength Revolution: A Father-Son Legacy

From Raymond Sansoucy’s vision to Jordan’s leadership, Atlantis Strength pioneers durability and innovation in fitness equipment. In the realm of fitness equipment, Atlantis Strength has long been synonymous with durability, innovation, and performance. Founded over four…

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Pec Deck – The Underdog Chest Developer

Ask a group of men to name a muscle group that has mystique and you’re likely to have the pectoralis major come out a clear winner. This muscle, which gives the chest its classic, chiseled aesthetics,…

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Shoulder Health For A Bigger Squat

Squat is one of the most important exercises to master in the gym. Whether you want to be strong, big, athletic or a combination of all three, squat has shown time and again that it can…

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Ankle Mobility and Leg Development

Leg development is critical in sports performance. It doesn’t matter if you need speed, power, or strength, you will need to spend time in the weight room to help get you there. The same can be…

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Use the Right Strength Curve to Improve Your Hamstrings

Hamstrings are often the underdog of leg development, whether it’s for aesthetic improvement or athletic performance. As one of the less obvious muscle groups to develop, knowing what exercise to select matters as much as other…

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Get A Grip, Save Your Shoulders

An unspoken indicator of athleticism and strength is having a firm handshake. There is a reason for this, as a firm grip is necessary to succeed in many sports and disciplines. This is why it’s so important…

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